The Last Queen's Message: King Charles and his brothers are in the midst of the dead King

The Last Queen's Message: King Charles and his brothers are in the midst of the dead King

- The king has led a movement to increase prisoners in his mother's coffin with her three brothers and sisters as mourners weathered the cold Friday night at Westminster Hall.

King Charles III, daughter of the Royal, Duke of York and Prince of Wessex stand on four sides of the queen's coffin, facing a public watch for 15 minutes.

Another member of the royal family has risen and is watching the walls of Westminster Hall.

Mourning people waiting in line at night to see the queen lie down in the state have been warned to wait at 10 p.m., and temperatures will drop by 7C.

Covers and drugs were handed out to cold-fight people on Friday night to pay homage to the Queen of Westminster Hall.

The trails were closed for hours Friday after reaching capacity, but reopened just after 5pm with new arrivals joining Southwark Park.

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has warned that queues should be hung.

Among the thousands of community members who have been laid out is soccer player David Beckham, who says he has been waiting for more than 12 hours.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and British deputies were among the leaders who also honored the queen at Westminster Hall on Friday.

Two mourners who lined up on Wednesday to be sexually assaulted by a man, have heard the court.

The King and Queen Consorts are spending the day in Wales for the first time since the king became king. The couple were in Cardiff to hear respect for politicians, attend services and greet mourners.

Prince and Princess Pays de Wales have spoken with troops from Australia, New Zealand and Canada at the Army training center in Surrey. They will participate in the queen's state funeral.

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