You must know 10 psychological tricks that can make you become like a Winner

You must know 10 psychological tricks that can make you become like a Winner

You must know 10 psychological tricks that can make you become like a Winner. Sturdy poses are body language that controls how we think and how we feel. By taking space and adopting a strong attitude, we can increase our self-confidence and struggle for ourselves

Talking and bonding with people can sometimes be a challenge for everyone. Whether at work, in your community, or in your family, practicing these psychological tricks can help create easy bonds with those around you.

Bright Side lists some of the moves that can help promote good communication with other people.

1. Sit next to someone, not across the street

The place where you sit at the table can say a lot about you and your position in the group. If you want to discuss something with someone, sitting next to them instead of across the line will reduce the potential for conflict. On the other hand, sitting across from or across from someone, especially in a conference room or at an office desk, can force others to feel threatened.

2. Boost your confidence with powerful poses

Sturdy poses are body language that controls how we think and how we feel. By taking space and adopting firm behavior, we can increase our self-confidence and struggle for ourselves.

Research shows that those who take a firm pose feel more comfortable and have better interview results than those who don't. Many athletes and politicians use this psychological trick to their advantage.

3. Choose the right clothes color

The color of your dress or suit reflects the kind of person you are, and the job and position you want to be. Navy blue denotes warmth and reliability, which is a good color for teachers.

Gray exudes reliability and stability, and dark is the best and class, and is often worn by designers in the fashion industry.

4. Maintain eye contact taking into account eye color

Eye contact is a sign of attention in carrying out a conversation. However, it can be challenging and embarrassing for both parties to deliberately maintain contact.

Research has shown that it will appear more natural if you try to take into account the color and eye shadow of the other person you are speaking to – so thoughts will always be there, but not forced, but you will appear interested and open to conversation.

5. Try to remember people's names

Some people remember names easier, some more difficult. But those who do it harder need to put in more effort because it has been shown that using individual names in talking to other people shows that you are paying attention to those people, what they say and do. It makes you easy to like and famous in the community.

6. Who laughs with whom?

When you are in a group of people and want to know who is close to whom, just observe who is laughing with whom. It's important to pay attention to who laughs people see first because they beg them to confirm what triggers the laughter. They are very safe with these people, and there may be some kind of attraction.

7. If you have trouble making decisions, reduce the number of choices

While it may seem better to have unlimited options, the reality is that it can also make decisions difficult. To help you decide, try reducing your options to a maximum of 4 options. This will allow you to think carefully about each option and ensure you have made the right decision.

8. Asking someone for encouragement

Helping people and doing service to others is a good thing, but if you want to please someone quickly, try asking them for a little encouragement. By doing so, you show that you trust and respect them, and they will feel better about themselves because they are helping you.

9. When should and should not cross arms and legs?

You can use this for 2 purposes. First, if you want to avoid someone from approaching you, cross your arms and legs to create a barrier between you and that person.

If you want to appear approachable

For dialogue, place your feet next to each other and your arms at your sides to send a welcome signal.

10. Warm your hands before holding

No one wants to start a conversation with a cold and/or sticky handshake, so keep your hands clean and warm your hands before shaking hands with someone.

One of the qualities of good handling is warm hands because it displays a friendly atmosphere, otherwise cold handling can give the impression of being unsure.

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