Two of the main benefits and reasons for visiting a museum improve a Calm Mood

Two of the main benefits and reasons for visiting a museum improve a Calm Mood

2 reasons why a visit to a museum can lift your mood. Two of the main benefits and reasons for visiting a museum improve a Calm Mood. 

Recent research suggests some of the benefits of visiting art museums. You don't have to have knowledge of art or art history to have an enjoyable and meaningful visit to a museum

I've always found art museums relaxing and interesting places, so when I started doing research in psychology, I wanted to better understand people's experiences with art and visit art museums, explains Katherine Cotter, psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania and co-author. of new research.

A new study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology explains how a visit to an art museum can help reduce stress, combat loneliness, and make life more meaningful.

- Personally, I always feel renewed after visiting art museums, and when I see the emergence of programs offered by museums and intended for prosperity, it feels normal to dig deeper and explore the bond between museums and welfare - explains Farmer.

His study defines growth as a universal designation consisting of 2 components:

Well-being, on the one hand, refers to the cultivation of strength, meaning, and positive states. These include maintaining positive bonds with other people in your life, dealing with positive emotions, or feeling part of your life and experiences, whereas pain, on the other hand, refers to the presence of illness, obstacles, and negative conditions. For Cotter, to examine a person's quality of life holistically, we need to think about both components of prosperity, reports Psychology Today.

After an extensive literature review and a thorough assessment of museum programs, Cotter and his team identified 2 main benefits that we can derive from frequent visits to art museums:

1. Art museums help us feel immersed

Two of the main benefits and reasons for visiting a museum improve a Calm Mood

Since art museums are places that are not frequently visited, it is normal to feel transported to another world when we actually visit them.

- We can lose track of time or keep ourselves occupied with something during our visit. In everyday life, we may not face such experiences very often, so in a sense the museum seems to be a unique space. Through these forms of immersion, we can trigger our positive emotions or feel a little more alive, explains Cotter.

2. Art museums help us engage in reflective thinking

Two of the main benefits and reasons for visiting a museum improve a Calm Mood

Visiting museums can also trigger contemplative thoughts and conditions that allow us to think differently about ourselves and our lives, make new connections, and expose ourselves to new perspectives.

"Because we can free ourselves a little from the outside world, our minds can move in new directions and help us gain new perspectives," Cotter explains.

How do you enjoy an art museum?

If you are intimidated, or if you are someone who is hesitant to go to art museums, Cotter has the following advice:

Participate in and on a guided tour.

Guided tours can help share data on various works of art, but they also share some tips or ideas on how to view art.

Don't be late.

Cotter insists that there is no right or wrong method of viewing art. Just look at the artwork and ask yourself the following questions: Do you like the artwork? Why? Does it confirm you in a certain way or evoke certain emotions?

"A big part of enjoying art is being open to experience and realizing that it's okay if you don't master a piece of art or find it confusing," Cotter says, adding that it stuck with him over time. Heading to an art museum, psychologists note, doesn't require any art or art history knowledge to have an enjoyable and meaningful visit.

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