There are 10 simple ways to be a better boyfriend for your partner

There are 10 simple ways to be a better boyfriend for your partner

There are 10 simple ways to be a better boyfriend for your partner

If you want to be a better boyfriend, you have to shift your focus from the act of sexual intercourse. Focus on emotional intimacy and a stronger bond with your partner

If you are confused about how you can be a better boyfriend, you might be looking for tips on how to improve the performance of your bedroom. However, being an expert in sex does not always mean forcing someone to reach orgasm. On the other hand, being a better boyfriend often means increasing emotional intimacy and fostering open tenderness with a partner.

Sometimes it can be intimidating to pamper – but allowing others to honestly see, hold and influence you is a powerfully intimate experience – so increase your passion with your partner:

1. Communication is everything

There are 10 simple ways to be a better boyfriend for your partner

This is one of the easiest pitfalls you can run with sex – you can intuitively use your partner's body language as a clue to master what he wants without having an explicit conversation about it. But this is not going to bring you any closer. Being a better boyfriend means getting Routine reporting what you need vulnerable.

- Intimate communication is the bottom of a healthy and satisfying sex life. It's hard to have a great sex bond when you can't talk about it – says sex therapist Michelle Herzog, adding that if you don't believe where to start, start asking questions about your partner's intimate preferences. This is a simple but effective method to increase intimate pleasure.

2. Appreciate them

When you respect and value your partner, you'll want them to have fun with you, in and out of the room, and saying thank you in person can help – it also helps promote emotional bonding. You can show that you appreciate them by remembering small details, paying close attention to them when they have a conversation, and thanking them every time they do something you like. Not only gratitude, look for the good in your companion. What's sexy about them? What do you like about their sense of humor? What excites you about them? How do they turn you on? Be honest and tell them those things.

3. Be careful in relationships

Whether it's a one-night stand, a casual bond, a new bond, or a long-term partner, there are always little things you can do to show genuine love and care for your partner. You don't have to fall in love with them to show that you care about them and their experiences.

By deepening intimacy outside of the body, it helps your partner feel close to you. This can appear to be a kind of curiosity about their life, setting boundaries and thought provoking issues, holding hands, maintaining eye contact or forgetting sex from time to time and engaging in other pleasurable intimate acts.

4. Understand your own intimate anatomy

There are 10 simple ways to be a better boyfriend for your partner

- It's not just your companion's job to hit you. If you don't know what you like and what you need to do to feel safe in your body, it's likely that your partner will have a hard time understanding it – says sex coach Anya Laeta. Teach your companion how to love you. Don't expect them to read your mind. You will make life easier for your boyfriend if you can give them advice or instructions on how to drive you crazy.

If you don't yet have a conscious application of self-pleasure, Laeta recommends that you start as a self-care ritual, and then use that time to create what's good for your body. When you are experimenting, he recommends paying attention to the emotions you are feeling, taking your time, feeling all the sensations that arise, and trying various things to see what you like.

5. Accept the awkwardness that will inevitably arise

In intimacy, sometimes people try to make things very easy while hugging and taking off their clothes at the same time. But that doesn't always happen, especially when you learn how to be sexual together. These are more likely to be scattered. Instead of covering up your awkwardness and moving on, you're better off laughing and letting spontaneity be a part of what's going on.

Rely on sincerity when showing that you are safe with yourself. This helps your boyfriend feel more comfortable and be who he is, and express his emotions when they arise. Plus, it's easier to be creative in sex when you can unload the tension with a sense of humor.

6. Let the fun come to the fore

"So messing around in sex means not taking yourself so seriously," says Laeta. Don't worry about being silly, experimental or automated. There is no right path, there is only your path. When you bring enthusiasm into a bond, sex becomes a joyous exploration rather than the mechanical action of intimate bonding. Pleasure compels you to discard outdated intimacy scenarios, solve all performance challenges, and increase the ease of the atmosphere.

7. Try something different

At first, sex is an enhanced experience – when you enjoy the news. Over time, the excitement dissipates and subsides as you get into the routine. But there are actions you can always take to get the passion back into your sex life. You can let them into your fantasies, bring sex toys or have sex rush in the car because you can't stand it until you come home. You can also surprise them with sex in the morning instead of the usual evening entertainment.

8. Use a thoughtful touch

There are 10 simple ways to be a better boyfriend for your partner

- Last fall, I went with someone who would hold my finger tightly every time he pulled me closer to catch and kiss me. Even though we didn't last long, I still feel joy when I think of our time together. The physical chemistry is very good- says Laeta. For him, there is an alibi why he feels so coveted, and that boils down to innovation in terms of physical stimulation.

- Our skin loves diversity. The best touch for joy is a touch of contrast between lighter, softer, and more defined strokes. Be creative. Be careful not to use the umpteenth touch. You can use your boyfriend's body as a drawing canvas- Laeta suggests.

9. Emerge through meditation

- Continue to be you appear and connect with your body and pleasure, continue to be good sex you have. Regular comprehension training with a focus on breath and sensation will help you do that – says Laeta. To avoid getting lost in unrelated thoughts, he recommends that you pay attention to your five senses – smell, taste, touch, sound and sight – and use them to connect with your partner. Focus on the music, the paraffin smell, and the texture of your sheets, then focus on how you and your partner smell, feel, sound, and look to survive the moment.

10. Highlight your senses by comfortably controlling the natural panorama

Herzog agrees that turning on the senses can improve sex and recommends going further. Take the time and prepare an interesting area that allows you to be more sexual.

Creativity with sensory experiences, such as mixing scents, listening to sexy music, and so on, can expand your intimate experience.

- My main advice for clients is to watch erotic stories together as part of their intimate dance- he says. In this case, he adds, it's hard to be sexy when the room is chaotic and unattractive. Consider introducing softer lighting and making sure the space is clean to enhance the intimate space and remove obstacles.

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