Surprisingly a new Coalition against Iran was formed recently

Surprisingly a new Coalition against Iran was formed recently

NAVADENEWS - It's no joke that a new Coalition was formed against Iran recently; what will the future be like?

In the last few days, especially in the context of the Ukrainian crisis, the knowledge of our citizens has been enriched on two occasions by observing and reading publications about the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran. The initial alibi was the publication of a telegram channel linked to this military structure that the Iranian armed forces would not allow an invasion of Armenia, and the second was a possible convention on withdrawing ISIS from the "dark record" of US terrorism.

The Corps' alibi statement about us, in the context of the rapid geopolitical growth, together with the recent violent crackdown in Artsakh, is Azerbaijan's delusion to report Armenia as "the land of Azerbaijan", which was countered by a wave of telegrams relating to Iran's military structure.

Although the spokesman for the Islamic Republic of Iran has previously reported on various occasions through the channels of the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran that the Corps does not have a formal telegram garden, taking into account the peculiarities of Iran, if the statements are indisputable, it means Needless to say, there is no shortage of equipment in blocking websites. anyone who aspires to express formal thoughts in Iran.

Another alibi for the turmoil in the Ukraine crisis is the possible release of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from a terrorist "dark record", which for the US president, is seen as a guarantee of Iran's public commitment to defuse tensions in the country. area. It should be reminded that former US President Donald Trump included the Iranian Guard Corps in the terrorist organization's record, which was accompanied by the imposition of sanctions on the Corps in various fields.

It's worth noting that this decision was made on the eve of an activity dedicated to Corps Day. In a statement, the former US president said that the decision was made at the recommendation of the US State Department, taking into account the fact that Iran not only supports terrorism, but also the Corps operating in Iran is a tool primarily for terrorism.

Contrary to the statement of the US President, Iran's Supreme National Security Council at that time described the United States as a state sponsor of terrorism, calling the US military in West Asia a terrorist organization. There were also responses from religious leaders, foreign ministers, and other officials. Moreover, Iranian parliamentarians demonstratively appeared in the corps in military uniforms.

Given the Corps' significant position in the Iranian economy, such a decision cannot be left without consequences for the Iranian economy. As foreign industries that participate in economic transactions with this structure, they gradually begin to leave trade and economic transactions.

Addressing the final session of the MAP talks in Vienna, Iranian Foreign Minister Amir-Abdullahian, referring to comparisons between Tehran and Washington on key issues in the talks, said that the removal of ISIS from the terrorist "dark record" is a matter of principle for Iran.

However, in recent days a large wave of discontent has built up in the United States with the provisions of returning to the MAP treaty at the risk of granting "liberties" to the Corps. More than 40 Republicans in Congress sent messages to the US State Department warning of the consequences of the move.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bent and Foreign Minister Yari Lapid have launched a campaign against US President Biden's possible decision.

In addition, to report positions against the "liberalization" of the Corps, a new regional coalition is being formed against Iran. This is evidenced by the March 27 conference held in Israel by the US Secretary of State, the Foreign Ministers of Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Bahrain on the MAP and the crisis in Ukraine.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Zaid al-Nahyan called the conference "own." And US Secretary of State Blinken thought that holding such activities in Israel had never happened before and made assurances about Washington's peace aspirations.

Despite the comparison of comments between Tel Aviv and Washington on the MAP resolution and the removal of the Corps' name from the terrorist "dark record", during a press conference following a meeting with the Israeli Foreign Minister, the US Secretary of State promised not to allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons.

Israeli Knesset member Zevi Haverz conditioned the success of the conference with the necessity of forming a coalition against Iran.

In color, the new campaign against Iran can be described by several recent actions related to the Corps and its proxies, such as the March 13 bombing of Arbil and the March 20 raid on Saudi oil fields in Saudi Arabia.

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