Life without music is odd, and SoundShirt guarantees for the deaf

Life without music is odd, and SoundShirt guarantees for the deaf

NAVADENEWS - Yes, that's it SoundShirt brings music to life for the deaf. Imagine life without music. I know, neither can I. But for some, this is their reality. But after that came the SoundShirt. Fashion technology clothes are worn by the deaf, generally everyone feels the opportunity to experience music through the shirts. It brings the music to life with a physical feel.

SoundShirt designed by CuteCircuit in London. Made from a soft stretch fabric without wires, because it is made from the latest smart fabric. It has a cool unisex design that can be easily stretched to fit any body size. It has a lifetime warranty in case something needs repair. And if you don't need it anymore or
don't want it, the clothes can be returned for recycling. But who wouldn't want to wear this outfit, right?

Life without music is odd, and SoundShirt guarantees for the deaf

What is the working method?

SoundShirt has 30 hapten microactivators that receive sound wirelessly in real time. Comes with rechargeable brain controller, Bluetooth 5 Wireless Orchestra protocol. It can be managed via an app called Q App, which is on the App Store.

During concerts or live performances, a microphone is placed near the instrument. Sound transmitted via a digital music recording system is converted into information, which is analyzed by the Q software. This information is then converted into tactile sensations- SoundShirt.

The Q app can do the same thing with pre-recorded music or even movies. The SoundShirt can also be attached to any video game console so players can feel every move, beat, or sensation throughout the game.

Words of Thank You Appreciation

The SoundShirt has been recognized several times for its unique design and innovative features. They have been featured in exhibitions, been nominated for the SSCN Award, have won 3 honorary terms in the Innovation Flash Industry Award by Design in experimental types, fashion social beauty good. The following year they received the UNESCO Netexplo Award for Life Enhancing Technology, and only months later, they launched the AUGGIE Award for Best Social Impact.

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