Inflammation of Miss V: Are you choking with itching and a slight burning feeling?

Inflammation of Miss V: Are you choking with itching and a slight burning feeling?

Inflammation of Miss V: Are you choking with itching and a slight burning feeling?

Do you understand that as many as 3 out of 4 women in the world face inflammation of the vagina throughout their life? This apparently harmless phenomenon can give rise to serious health problems, but proper hygiene of the sexual zone can avoid many of these problems.

Proper sexual hygiene is key to protecting women's health. First of all, it means to protect the physiological balance of the sexual zone, a very sensitive part of the female body. It means to choose the right detergent, mild, but effective, which will not disturb the bacterial flora in the vagina, which consists of good and bad bacteria. By practicing a balanced hygiene regime, we can avoid the many obstacles and problems that can affect the genital zone.

This is an unavoidable part of complete self-care that is passed down from generation to generation, starting from when women were very gentle. That's why we share some

Simple rules and a few tips for an effective routine that can easily become part of your routine.

How many times a day is enough?

To keep the vaginal area clean properly, it is enough to use warm water and a few drops of mild sexual hygiene products. But how many times a day do you need to wash the outside of Miss V? It is generally recommended to do this once a day, which is sufficient to protect this sensitive area from the production of microbes and germs that do not play a role in protecting the sexual balance.

Of course, bathing is recommended both before and after each intimate bond, and in case of profuse sweating during very hot days or after intense exercise. Special attention should be paid to sexual hygiene especially after visiting swimming pools or other places with high humidity.

Sorting intimate hygiene products.

Valuable ingredients for protecting sexual zone care are listed in the innovative product GYNO PRO

- 100% natural oil spray for daily sexual hygiene, which will help maintain the freshness of the sexual area and will relieve discomfort, burning and itching.

Simply apply the product on the external vaginal area or on the pads every day, several times a day or as needed. GYNO PRO is intended for all ages, and is also suitable for mothers of two and mothers. It has been on the market for 10 years, and its value has been recognized by thousands of women.

It means complete drying

When washing the sexual area, it is not enough just to choose the right water temperature and the right gel or emulsion, but special attention must be paid to the correct movement. It is advisable to start rinsing from the front to the back of the sexual zone, to avoid contact with the vagina and urinary tract with germs from the digestive tract. These instructions apply to all washing sessions, but also to drying.

And drying is one of the most important stages of proper sexual hygiene, although it is often attempted superficially and in a very hasty manner. It is best to dry the sexual area with a clean cotton towel, without brushing, lightly tapping, and if you have time, try hot drying methods or a hairdryer.

Cleanliness of towels and underwear

The towels you use for sexual hygiene must be your own and you should not share them with other family members. The same advice, of course, applies to underwear, swimwear, and all other items of clothing that come into contact with the external sexual area.

Mandatory underwear made of cotton

because it needs to be washed at a high enough temperature to remove all traces of germs and viruses. Not only that, these clothes must be washed evenly so that no detergent residue is left behind.

Sexual health is very easy to achieve, and prevention through proper hygiene, with the encouragement of selected, effective and targeted products is the first step in this direction.

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