Incredibly Newest In GT Falcon History

Incredibly Newest In GT Falcon History

NAVADENEWS - Latest update today; Incredibly Newest In GT Falcon History. Ford says the factory will be on-site in October 2016, when the last Falcon GT will be launched.

Ford unveiled the last Falcon GT 2 years before the plant shutdown, as the industry shared a clear idea that the Broadmeadows car assembly line and Geelong engine plant would be closed until their scheduled closure in October 2016.

Sales of the Ford Falcon sedan and locally made Territory SUV have fallen since Ford announced it was discontinuing production in Australia 12 months later.

But when asked by News Corp if the current level of creation was normal through the end, Ford Australia boss Bob Graziano responded: Yes. Asked if there was an alibi for fear about premature closures, Graziano responded: "No."

The mute man said Ford was always planning to go further, but in recent months the picture has become clearer and the current build is enough to support the plant.

"There is no change in the plan," said Graziano, adding that sales of the Falcon and Territory were relatively good compared to other cars in its segment.

Ford's optimistic outlook will be cool for Holden and Toyota as the three auto industries are interdependent on each other, given that they all buy parts from the same supplier.

To that end, Ford has taken the unprecedented step of inviting its competitors to its internal supplier forum. 300 workers who will be laid off in October 2016.

Mr Graziano said Ford had made good progress in updating the new Falcon and Territory models, due out in September this year. But the news of the suspension of production at the Ford factory was not enough to extend the life of the Falcon GT. Graziano said only 500 Ford Falcon GT-F sedans ("F" stands for "final edition") will be sold in Australia, and "will no longer be available".

Graziano told News Corp Australia that he had not received any messages, emails or phone calls from fans wanting to extend the life of the Falcon GT. He said buyers of V8-powered cars had shifted to SUVs and 4-door cars.

All 500 Falcon GT-Fs were sold despite a price tag of $80,000. 351. The incredibly sturdy Falcon that was made has a V8 token with a supercharged power of 351 kW, a tribute to the 1970 GT that made the brand popular in the world.

Ford has upgraded all the know-how to the new Falcon GT, which also has "start control" to give the driver the perfect start, as well as an adjustable suspension for those looking to take their car to the racetrack.” It's a celebration of the best of the best. , said Graziano.

No matter how good the new Ford Falcon GT-F is, the best acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h, achieved today in the media preview on Ford's secret test website near Geelong, is 4.9 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds slower than in the Holden Special Vehicles GTS, which also has a supercharged V8.

As soon as the Falcon GT-F is discontinued in the next few months, Ford will revive the Falcon XR8 (the underpowered GT-F type) and make it available to all 200 Ford dealers instead of the 60 that sell the Falcon. GT Special.

Reality short: Ford Falcon GT-F


77.990 XNUMX dollars plus travel fees

Engine: 5.0 liter supercharged V8

energy: 351 kW and 569 Nm

Transmission: 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic

0 to 100 kilometers/hour: 4.9 seconds(test result share)

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