This is how Ukrainian civilians who shoot have the potential to be traumatized

This is how Ukrainian civilians who shoot have the potential to be traumatized

This is how Ukrainian civilians who shoot have the potential to be traumatized. Ukrainian civilians of origin are at risk of trauma

Civilians with guns How can this suddenly have guns like civilians and can kill someone? "The threshold for telling someone you killed someone is very high."

And then you suddenly have a gun between your hands - as a young mother, baker or accountant. The Ukrainian armed forces have distributed thousands of automatic rifles to civilians. "And we will continue to do so to defend our country," President Volodymyr Zelensky said at an earlier news conference.

How did this suddenly have weapons like civilians and could injure or kill someone?

The war in Ukraine brought the Bosnian-Dutch Suad Articleic (59 years) from Heesch in North Brabant, back in time. For the Bosnian civil war, which he fled in 1997. When he sees the Ukrainian people on television, it is like looking younger.

The Parsel was 30 years old when the war started in 1992, he lived in a village and worked in a factory where he maintained machinery. Serbia is advancing and with the guns of his uncle, he defends his country and his family,” he said on the phone. He was shaped like a soldier by military service, but never fired by anyone.

With his village companions, he is now building a defensive line. Others used their rifles. Later, Pascalia got an automatic rifle he captured Serbia. Its ajet (26 years old), who listened and translated, said his father had difficulty speaking about it. "Unless there's a drink."

Has he been photographed? "Yes," said Suad Articleic, "but only to the Bosnian Serb army, only to defend me."

He shot a hundred distances, two hundred meters. Due to the long distance, he never knew exactly what he had hit. But that doesn't always facilitate. Articles never felt guilty for his actions, but "at the end of the day we are all human." In the Netherlands, he received psychiatric assistance.

ARQ Centrum '45, the center of care and expertise for Psychotrama, prepares for the arrival of Ukraine and Ukraine by "trauma shooting". As a therapist, clinical psychologist Arq Jackie Juni Ter Ter Heide reckons with people whose lives are at stake and who decide the heat of the battle to shoot and kill others. "In such a situation, some of you die," Ter Heide explained. "We all naturally stress to a greater or lesser degree and feel other pains."

But the greater the suffering, the more death death takes over and the more your body goes into basic survival mode. "As a person, you have no control," Ter Heide said. "Once people calm down and shame and guilt can happen."

It can happen that a person can no longer defend his own actions morally. Do you rewind the film and create alternative scenarios based on empathy. For example, running away. "In psychology, we call this fallacy of reasoning," says Ter Heide. In retrospect, people see solutions that didn't appear at all and make their own judgment difficult and unjustified. "And it becomes more difficult when you generalize what you do, for who you are. Would you think: I killed someone, so I'm a bad person.


In addition, according to Ter Heide, residents risk extra high experience "shooting trauma". The armed forces and police have a monopoly on violence. If a civilian attracts someone, he is "faster to their own moral expectations".

Traumatic shots can cause, for example, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide. As long as nurse. 

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