Recently, ENVii GABRIELLA released their big mini album "Metaphysica" on March 9th

Recently, ENVii GABRIELLA released their big mini album "Metaphysica" on March 9th

Recently, ENVii GABRIELLA released their big mini album "Metaphysica" on March 9th

In this work, the digital singles" Moratorium", "DYSTOPIA", and "CABARET", which have been distributed for 3 consecutive months since October of the following year, as well as the heart-fluttering love song "Finally Found You" are taken from a unique perspective. to Engab, as well as from the indie period. A total of 8 songs are included, including new songs such as "Ride/Reboot", which is a "reboot" of popular songs, and "Happy Happy Wei Wei Dong Chi", the lead song that makes listeners feel happy in an instant.

We asked 3 people who had noticed the rise in recognition since their major debut, and had a lot of dialogue about the creation of this work.

For the project called Takassy ENVii GABRIELLA, I feel that the amount of heat supported by the staff continues to grow. I've been feeling a kind of "Let's go more! Let's go more!" On my back for the last 5 months.

Because the heat of the people near Kamus is high, our heat is also large. The will of these three people to lead and lead you without forgetting your early desire to continue to be strong.

The number of subscribers to the YouTube channel HIDEKiSM and SNS followers has grown, and the number of people who have participated saying "I always love Engab" on various websites has increased, and there is a ship called ENVii GABRIELLA. I get the impression that it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Of course there is pressure, but it is also good pressure. I feel that I can spend my days toning myself while feeling more responsible as an Engab person.

Isn't there a place where the fan base has grown because you can communicate your whereabouts to more people in the major leagues?

Takasy That's right. Initially, most of our fans were women in their late 20s to 40s. But lately, I've found a lot of support from men and people belonging to the LGBTQ group.

A song made by 3 people who are not choked by the material

Dictionary That's right! Compared to the previous Engab, I have a slightly darker freshness... I have the image of a Kazaki (Ukrainian male dance unit that looks with big heels). But now Engab can really play various genres of music. I think it's a huge development and evolution.

When did you start making this a success?

Takassy We've been distributing digital singles for 3 months straight since our major debut in October 2021, but after that, it was decided early on that we would release a mini album in early 2022. So I feel like I'm always aiming for this mini album. Most of the songs on the mini-album have been included in the demo collection that was shipped before debut, along with the early digital single "Moratorium". I polished it with arranger Carlos K." Sorry Not Sorry" and "Happy Happy Wei Wei Dong Chi" were made after that.

How do you feel about the job as a whole?

Takassy The concept of recording multi-genre songs was decided early on. To be honest, when I got to the department, there were limits in many ways, and I was prepared not to be able to do what I liked. But King Records said, "I'm going to sell it in Engab all the time. So feel free to make whatever you want." So I feel like I can do what I want to do and enjoy without stress. I really appreciate it.

How about Takasy?

HIDEKiSM wants to be able to make a good visit. They asked me "what are you addicted to today?" And "what type of music do you like?" After thinking about such things properly, they composed a song. That's why the music side is guided by Takassy, ​​but all the songs are 3 people. The songs share the same description between the three, so Dictionary and I are loved as if they were the ones I gave birth to.

Ufufufu Dictionary. I'd be happy if that's the case. Individually, there's basically nothing to lose by Takassy's songs. I'm really looking forward to hearing more about the content of the song every time I make a swing. In fact you will be impressed by listening to it first, and after that you will be impressed again by observing the thoughts contained in the song in detail. It feels kind of fun waiting 2 times.

For me, paying attention to the comments and impressions of Takassy HIDEKiSM and the Dictionary is something that I really pay attention to.

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