Incredible, this is proof that the 5th Generation Mini Car has become electric

Incredible, this is proof that the 5th Generation Mini Car has become electric

Launched from international information, so extraordinary, this is proof that the fifth generation Mini Car is becoming electric

It's amazing but it's been more than 2 decades since the BMW Group brought the Mini back to life. The English house wasn't going well at the time when the Bavarians were betting on it. But, thanks to all their money and determination, they got to where they are today. They are one of the most exclusive and desirable premium industries despite the fact that their car designs haven't changed much. Not only the fact that they are also not very instant and cheap.

However, Bayerische has given the go-ahead for the fifth-generation Mini. As you know, changing the current range will still take quite a while, because some problems arise along the way. What really matters is the transition towards electrification, although it seems to have been fixed. At least that's what we believed when we looked at the "spy" images the industry released to announce that they had tested it.

The fifth generation Mini will be 100 percent electric and will arrive in 2023...

To understand what is to come, it is best that we take a look at the press releases they issue. According to Stefanie Wurst, Director of the Mini brand…

“Mini is on the road to development and is leading to an all-electric future. Our iconic 3-door MINI optimizes our customer experience through an electrified go-kart feel combined with digital touch points, as well as a clear focus on sustainability with a minimal footprint."

As you can see in the photos, the Mini has brought an entire generation that has been marketed onto the Arjeplog test trail. The idea is that we can see how the design and size has grown over time. Not only that, the engineering team is also working to make the driving dynamics similar to its predecessor. However, underneath the skin, everything will be brand new, including its effective electric powertrain.

For now we have no information about him, although if we go back to the press release we can read that…

“Test technicians were able to fine-tune the automatic power development of the electric motor, control systems to maximize traction, cornering behavior, suspension and damping characteristics, and steering characteristics. and braking system«

And so far we can read, because sharing design details with lots of camouflage is difficult. Of course, we must quickly meet the successor of Paceman. It will be electric and could provide clues as to what the new Mini 3 door technology will be. If all goes according to plan at signing, his debut will take place at some point in 2023, so he'll have to keep track of his... 

Quoted from a trusted source MINI

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