Here's Disney+, in April 2022: from stupid fairy to Fresh

Here's Disney+, in April 2022 from stupid fairy to Fresh

Here's Disney+, in April 2022: from stupid fairy to Fresh

Disney+ has said the whole thing for April: among other things, for subscribers, there's the Dumb Fairy and Fresh series.

We're expecting a very rich month at Disney+: all the new launches that are due to appear on the platform in April 2022 are already formal, and they are numerous and exciting.

The platform will commemorate Earth Day through a "treasure of" content and will offer many new classics and modern films in the catalog.

Big news on the TV series and events front, with dumb fairies, The Dropout, The Kardashians, but also music that's supposedly like Better Nate than nothing.

Now let's take a look at all the news in detail, in the order presented by Disney itself and with the recommended minimum viewing age in brackets:

  • Fool's Fairy( series 16+, from April 13th)
  • New( 18+ series, from 15 April)
  • The Dropout( series 16+, starting April 20)
  • The Kardashians( series 16+, from April 14th)
  • Better Nate Than Nothing( movie 9+, from April 1)
  • Sketchbook- How a photo is born( series, starting April 27)
  • Sex Appeal(16+ movies, from April 8th)
  • Single Drunk Girls( series 16+, from April 6th)
  • Dollface( series 16+, from 27 April)
  • Aged( Season 4 of the 14+ series, starting April 20)
  • The Simpsons(32nd season, starting April 6)
  • Star(second term, from April 6)
  • The hidden life- The hidden life(film, from April 29)
  • Last Tepui: Unexplored Peaks(documentary, from April 22)
  • Back to our dream farm(starting April 22nd)
  • Polar Bear(from 22 April)

We confirm to you that Disney has announced the availability of the new Disney+ Card, a sports card that allows you to purchase and share a one year Disney+ subscription for €89.90.

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