Do you know? When will Nissan stop selling thermal cars in Europe

Do you know? When will Nissan stop selling thermal cars in Europe

The following Did you know? When will Nissan stop selling thermal cars in Europe!

The electrification of the automotive zone has become a pressing need for brands. And not only that, but those who cannot take steps with solvency can see their future complicated. In this race there are better, more orderly and less good, but if there is something they all agree on, it is their will. Nissan was one of the first to take the first steps, although at the moment they are talking more about Volkswagen, Toyota or Honda.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is one of the best positioned. Therefore, the convention between them is round and firm: to gradually reduce sales of internal combustion vehicles. And for this they have a plan which they provided recently. However, the Japanese house has decided to take more steps to get ahead of its competitors. With this method, they have already announced when they will start their transformation in Europe.

Starting from 2023 all Nissan models in Europe will be electrified...

If you remember, you must remember the last 2 innovations from Nissan. On one side is the Juke Hybrid and on the other side is the Qashqai e-POWER. Well, one as well as the other represents the complete electrification of the lineup of industrial passenger cars in Europe. One of the models that escaped, for now, this trend is the Micra, but it's also true that there are 2 news releases left on the market. The reason is, they are increasing the change of generations at full speed.

Thinking about it, we weren't surprised by the press release published a few hours later. If you look at the message, you'll understand what it's all about...

"Following the decision not to invest in Euro 7 for passenger cars, Nissan will not introduce new pure internal combustion engine passenger cars in Europe from 2023"

“With the introduction of hybrid technology in the Juke, e-POWER in Qashqai and X-Trail and the launch of the Ariya, a pure EV. This summer, 2022 marks a year in which Nissan will offer a level of electrification to meet customer needs.”

Given the steps they were about to take, their goals were ambitious. As they explain, they predict 75% of their sales mix in the area will be electrified by 2026. The next step is the end of the decade, with 100% of the sales mix. Not only that, and indirectly, Nissan will explore the same path as Stellantis has taken. That is, the new Townstar will also be offered in an electrified type.

Overall, it was quite a wait of a few months to figure out how they would articulate their new reach and launch that would support their commercial success. Patience…

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