Dempagumi. inc has finally released a new single" Doki+ Waku= Parade!"

Dempagumi. inc has finally released a new single" Doki+ Waku= Parade!"

Dempagumi. inc has finally released a new single" Doki+ Waku= Parade!"

Dempagumi. inc has released a new single "Doki+ Waku= Parade!". The title track was composed and arranged by Daisuke Asakura and written by Kenichi Maeyamada. It's a straightforwardly sung song about"big dreams I want to make come true" in a fantastic voice like an amusement page parade.

It's been close to a year since we reached a major turning point for the team, with 5 new members joining all at once. Meanwhile, each member continues to develop while experiencing himself, displaying the form of Dempagumi. new inc. At Music Natalie, we interviewed 8 people except for Furukawa Mirin and Nagi Nemoto. We chat about various topics such as changes in the team since the new system was founded and hands-on activities with the current 8-person system.

Ayane Fujisaki When I first looked at it, I thought it was very easy. I'm also surprised by the feeling that the powerful word"dream" comes right in.

Kozue Aikawa It was new to say in the opening line, "We don't remember hearing about ourselves, but I want you to let us know about your dreams." The song is relaxing too, and for me this is the culmination of the connecting lines of "KoukanDaybook" and "First Experience" (both distribution singles only).

Ritsuto Amazawa When I first looked at it, I wondered if I could sing it... I don't have many dreams, and I think dreams are something extraordinary. But when I had a dialogue with Yumiko-sensei (choreographer) about the song, I started to wonder if I was saying "something that moves me to my next destination" as a "dream"... You can leave the house and go buy juice, but you can replace yourself by moving. I now understand that having a dream is an act of saving oneself.

Kobato Ria I don't have a very positive impression of the word dream. Having big dreams is exciting, but equally painful and difficult. But I have a dream, so I'm confused as to whether there's any part of what I've done up until now.

Are your dreams supporting you?

Kobato: It's been 6 years since I moved to Tokyo, and I've always dreamed of returning triumphantly to my garden hometown of Fukuoka. My dream will come true because I can return to Fukuoka on the next tour, but at the same time I am afraid that there will be no way to go. But when I looked at this song, I started to think, "Big dreams are beautiful, but I wish I could live with small dreams for tomorrow."

Fujisaki Yeah, you don't need to be so scared. Especially now that I'm scared because of corona, and I understand that, but I feel like a lot of people are worried about dreaming and don't want to make mistakes. So I thought it would be okay to lower the hurdles of your dreams a little more.

Some people say that idol is a dream job, but what do you think about that comment?

Risa Aizawa I always say the word dream naturally, and I think if we carry a dream, all fans will follow us. But as long as we connect all the fans in our dreams, those dreams must come true, and it must be a dream that benefits everyone. I was surprised to realize that dreams come with responsibility while listening to the bright and energetic songs. I think I could become attached to words like "Idols must have dreams". Mr. Hyadain always writes the lyrics we need when we need them.

Akihabara's blood makes sound with radio song

Hina Takasaki I really like it(laughs).

Aozora Sorano Got the idea to do it this time.

Fujisaki I've been going to cosplay venues since I was 1 year old, so when I look at these songs, Akihabara's blood makes a lot of noise. The shame, joy, and pain at that time came like a magic lantern, which was the best.

Sorano: I didn't know "Yunyun", so I looked up his meaning and delved into the depths of Akiba's history again. "I can't help without MIKATA!" It's very fast and I'm really scared that I can sing live.

Aikawa"I can't help without MIKATA!" I also receive a lot of flashy dialogue parts, so I want to do my best in live shows. I'm happy to be able to sing good old radio tunes with Dempagumi. inc at this time.

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